Name Level Start NPC
Trial of the Challenger
35+ Kash
Trial of Duty
35+ Hannavalt
Trial of the Seeker
35+ Dufner
Trial of the Scholar
35+ Mirien
Trial of the Pilgrim
35+ Santiago
Trial of the Guildsman
35+ Valkon
Testimony of Trust
37+ Hollint
Testimony of Life
37+ Cardien
Testimony of Fate
37+ Kaira
Testimony of Glory
37+ Vokian
Testimony of Prosperity
37+ Parman
Test of the Duelist
39+ Kaien
Test of the Champion
39+ Ascalon
Test of Sagittarius
39+ Bernard
Test of the Searcher
39+ Luther
Test of the Healer
39+ Bandellos
Test of the Reformer
39+ Pupina
Test of Magus
39+ Rukal
Test of Witchcraft
39+ Orim
Test of the Summoner
39+ Galatea
Test of the Maestro
39+ Lockirin
Test of the Lord
39+ Kakai
Test of the War Spirit
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