Name Level Start NPC
Vanquish Remnants
21-30 Leopold
Sense for Business
21+ Sarien
Recover the Farmland
25-34 Piotur
Hunt of the Black Lion
25-39 Sophya
Soulstone Shards
25-37 Nell
Moon Knight
25-40 Jones
Progress Hunting 1
25-35 Strix
An Elder Sows Seeds
28-42 Casian
Arrow of Vengeance
32-39 Belton
Curiosity of a Dwarf
33-38 Rolento
Leto Lizardmen Hunting
34-39 Rath
Trial of the Challenger
35+ Kash
Trial of Duty
35+ Hannavalt
Trial of the Seeker
35+ Dufner
Trial of the Scholar
35+ Mirien
Trial of the Pilgrim
35+ Santiago
Trial of the Guildsman
35+ Valkon
Family Honor
36-49 Galibredo
Progress Hunting 2
36-40 Strix
Testimony of Trust
37+ Hollint
Testimony of Life
37+ Cardien
Testimony of Fate
37+ Kaira
Testimony of Glory
37+ Vokian
Testimony of Prosperity
37+ Parman
Conquest of Alligator Island
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