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Recipe: Ancient Reagent    Ancient Reagent
Recipe: Aquastone Necklace    Aquastone Necklace
Recipe: Aquastone Ring    Aquastone Ring
Recipe: Artisan's frame    Artisan's Frame
Recipe: Assault Boots    Assault Boots
Recipe: Atuba Hammer    Atuba Hammer
Recipe: Atuba Mace    Atuba Mace
Recipe: Battle Axe    Battle Axe
Recipe: Big Hammer    Big Hammer
Recipe: Blacksmith' frame    Blacksmith's Frame
Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot (C-grade)    200 x Blessed Spiritshot (C-grade)
Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot Compressed Package (C-grade)    Blessed Spiritshot Compressed Package (C-grade)
Recipe: Blue Crystal Skull    Blue Crystal Skull
Recipe: Body Slasher    Body Slasher
Recipe: Bonebreaker    Bonebreaker
Recipe: Boots of Seal    Boots of Seal
Recipe: Chain Boots    Chain Boots
Recipe: Chain Gaiters    Chain Gaiters
Recipe: Chain Gloves    Chain Gloves
Recipe: Chain Helmet    Chain Helmet
Recipe: Chain Hood    Chain Hood
Recipe: Chain Mail Shirt    Chain Mail Shirt
Recipe: Chain Shield    Chain Shield
Recipe: Chakram    Chakram
Recipe: Claymore    Claymore, version: 2.5.CL.P. Created by Gaikotsu for ©