Name     Result
Recipe: Amber Bead    5 x Amber Bead
Recipe: Assassin Knife    Assassin Knife
Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot (D-grade)    100 x Blessed Spiritshot (D-grade)
Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot Compressed Package (D-grade)    Blessed Spiritshot Compressed Package (D-grade)
Recipe: Bone Arrow    650 x Bone Arrow
Recipe: Bone Helmet    Bone Helmet
Recipe: Conjuror's Staff    Conjuror's Staff
Recipe: Cord    20 x Cord
Recipe: Dark Stockings    Dark Stockings
Recipe: Dwarven Trident    Dwarven Trident
Recipe: Elven Bow    Elven Bow
Recipe: Giant's Powerstone (25%) [25%]    Giant's Powerstone
Recipe: Greater Blessed Spiritshot Compressed Package (D-grade)    Greater Blessed Spiritshot Compressed Package (D-grade)
Recipe: Greater Soulshot Compressed Package (D-grade)    Greater Soulshot Compressed Package (D-grade)
Recipe: Greater Spiritshot Compressed Package (D-grade)    Greater Spiritshot Compressed Package (D-grade)
Recipe: Heavy Sword    Heavy Sword
Recipe: High-grade Suede    High-grade Suede
Recipe: Leather Boots    Leather Boots
Recipe: Mace of Judgment    Mace of Judgment
Recipe: Magic Necklace    Magic Necklace
Recipe: Necklace of Devotion    Necklace of Devotion
Recipe: Quality Leather Gloves    Quality Leather Gloves
Recipe: Saber    Saber
Recipe: Scale Gaiters    Scale Gaiters
Recipe: Scale Mail    Scale Mail, version: 2.5.CL.P. Created by Gaikotsu for ©