Name Level Start NPC
Mutual Benefit
2-20 Newbie Guide
Tombs of Ancestors
2-20 Newbie Guide
Noise in Woods
2-20 Newbie Guide
Shilen's Hunt
2-20 Newbie Guide
Tribal Benefit
2-20 Newbie Guide
Bring Wolf Pelts
3-9 Lector
Keen Claws
3-9 Payne
Pleas of Pixies
3-8 Pixy Murika
Wrath of Verdure
4-9 Treant Bremec
Proof of Valor
4-8 Rukain
Wrath of Ancestors
5-16 Livina
Brigands Sweep
5-18 Spiron
The Guard is Busy
6-16 Gilbert
Orc Hunting
6-16 Rayen
Bonds of Slavery
6-11 Kristin
Invaders of the Holy Land
6-14 Varkees
The Hidden Veins
6-15 Filaur
Trade with the Ivory Tower
8-16 Vollodos
Orc Subjugation
8-16 Kayleen
Collect Spores
8-13 Herbiel
Skirmish with the Werewolves
9-18 Brukurse
Covert Business
10-16 Keef
Collect Arrowheads
10-14 Minia
Bones Tell the Future
10-18 Kaitar
Dark Winged Spies
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